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Little Helper

How nice that you want to help us.

Honestly: The options of one of many travel blogs to shine in the crowd are very small. They actually consist only of hoping for feedback and like-minded people on the wide web, or of bending so that it is as Instagram-compatible as possible and everything can be paved with advertising. We are already doing one, the other is simply not our thing and our will.

Fortunately, there is another option: We are looking for people like you who agree to flood the respective hot spots of your home town with posters and stickers out of sheer joy and support. Word of mouth is also great and important.

As a reward, we can unfortunately only pay you our personal tribute in the form of great gratitude and recognition. We are looking for people who want to help us out of personal support and motivation, because they may find our cause good.

As Little Helper, we will also contact you if our planned film actually comes to the cinemas. So you are one of the first to find out. Maybe you can even contact your local cinema if they want to show our film. Or you can do your own film screening in your university lecture hall / town hall. Or you have completely different ideas.

In any case, our thanks go to you now.

Laura & Christopher


Hello new Little Helper! Thank you for your help. We'll get in touch. Stay healthy, see you soon. L + C

Please do not be angry with us if we cannot always write back immediately. We do not have internet everywhere or are in good moments with the people on site. Maybe we are trying to find a ride or sleep because it is night at our house. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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