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It means "Hello, good luck to get up again, my friend".

About us

Our home is the Ruhr area - one of the most densely populated regions in the world. It originated in the time when the chimneys were still smoking, the mines were still active and the air pitch black darkened the sun.

One or the other industrial and colliery ruin has remained, and the honest but rugged nature of the people has remained. In the Underground everyone was the same and everyone was black. You had to be able to trust each other and we still want that today.

The result is lots of greenery and lots of attractions. The Ruhr area is still the "Pott" in the heart, but you can no longer tell by looking at it.

We like our homeland, where we are at home with our families and friends. Nevertheless, we are always drawn into the distance. We want to discover what we haven't known before.

You can get a good impression of the Ruhr area, the city of 53 cities, here:

Metropole Ruhr

Metropolis Ruhr (english)

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