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The decision has been made - we're going!

One day after Christopher's 27th birthday, in February 2020, we had already sealed our long-spun wish. For two years we mothballed it and carried it around with us. Now, after a turbulent time marked by a global pandemic, our degrees, our work and the renovation of an old building, the time has now come to let the dream breathe air again. Today was the day of the announcement. It was really not easy for us to tell our superiors and colleagues about our decision, and with the best will in the world it is not the message that an employer expects on the 10th anniversary of service. But now it's out. A stone falls from our hearts but there is also a new one. Because now that it's said, there's no turning back. We'll give everything we have for a lot of insecurity that we get. We exchange our cozy home for our small green tent and the regular everyday life for... Yes, against where actually?! We don't know exactly. Probably against a lot of chaos, little comfort, major communication problems and hopefully against a lot of uniquely beautiful moments. But in the next few months we have a lot of preparation and bureaucracy ahead of us. We can't yet get an overview of what awaits us. But what we are already worried about is saying goodbye to friends, family and work colleagues. Even if it's only for a while, it hurts a lot. At the same time, we are happy to be able to visit some of our friends scattered around the world. In order to keep in touch with everyone, we thought that we could use this little blog for that. We would like to keep a memory and a travel diary for ourselves anyway. Chris also enjoys taking photos and editing videos. Then we can also regularly send these digital postcards home. And if you're happy that we're finally gone and don't want to see any of it, you don't have to look in here either. :-D At least we are already in the travel bug and excited about everything that is to come. Lovely wishes

Laura & Chris

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