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T-Shirt "Keep it simple"

SKU: Keep ist simple

Our first t-shirt. is not it beautiful? It shows the passion for nature, for adventure and the "keep it simple" thought. 


The t-shirt is fair trade, vegan and produced and shipped as CO2-neutral as possible. It contains no plastic and is naturally degradable. We convinced ourselves of the conditions on site. 


EUR 1 per item sold goes directly to the orphanage project in Saporoshje of our friendly relief association Oberhausen Hilft eV

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  • Shipping Policy

    Our friends at home are so kind and will ship the items you have ordered. We would like to remind you that we are not a professional, commercialized company and take care of everything for fun and besides our travel, job and vacation. Please do not be angry with us if the package is not sent on the same day. 


    Shipping costs: 

    Parcel within Germany 4.95 EUR

    Parcel within the EU 6.95 EUR

    Package world 13 EUR

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