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Christopher Herbrich

Travelling, adventures and chatting with strangers has always been exactly what I enjoy.

With the youth exchange of our city "Multi" I made my first long-distance trip to China in 2011 and lived with a host family. From there, the multinational quickly became part of my life and I was able to show many new friends our homeland and got to know many foreign homes. The fever had seized me.

After graduating from high school, like many others, I planned to take a longer trip. But as external influences would have it, I was just in the final year, before the Abitur was to be reduced to 12 years. I was afraid that when I came back from my trip, I would have to go looking for an apprenticeship with two graduating classes at the same time. I was very happy that I already had an apprenticeship and decided to take the safe route.

After the apprenticeship, I went on to study parallel to my learned job as a real estate agent. I denied that in my free time and vacation time. At the time, I was the only one who traveled to the university blocks in Freiburg in a caravan. I've always wanted to have a mobile home and I thought to myself, before I put the money into holiday apartments or hotels, I'd rather put it into my own mobile condominium with Meer-/Berg- und Seeblick.


So let's travel now in the times that arise for travel. And because I like taking photos, editing videos and writing anyway, I thought why not publish it. Maybe who is even interested in it and it may even bring inspiration for new travel destinations.


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