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Laura Kempman

The enthusiasm for camping was probably put into my cradle. I took my first steps on a campsite. From then on, I spent the coming summers in our Klappfix (a tent trailer) with my parents, my grandfather and my brother.  

My first vacation without my parents went to Italy in 2010, to the romantic port city of Camogli. There I also got to know Ela, who became a great role model for me in terms of travel and beyond. In order to be able to go away with my parents as well as with the youth camp, I saved my pocket money and even took on a part-time job.

And so it couldn't have been more fitting that Chris and I became closer in 2013 while on vacation at the Dutch North Sea. Since then we have been traveling the world together!

For me, our trips to Scotland and Israel, for which we also bought our tent and I bought my backpack, were groundbreaking for the type of travel. Having everything with me gives me an incredible feeling of freedom, despite the weight on my shoulders.


I already have my bachelor's degree in my pocket and now the master's should follow as soon as possible. I'm starting my legal clerkship after a perhaps longer journey. I want to be a physical education and social sciences teacher.


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